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Seasonal Affective Disorder

You’ve probably noticed the days getting shorter and the hours of darkness increasing. So how does this change in natural light affect us? Many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, during the fall and winter months. 

What are SAD symptoms?

Seasonal Affective Disorder can make us feel depressed, fatigued, irritable, and it can even impact our sleep patterns and appetite. It’s amazing how much light can impact our body as a whole. So, maybe those of us that put up their Christmas lights on November 1st are onto something?!

How can you combat SAD?

If you do start to experience the “winter blues”, what can you do about it? Well first, get up and move!  Exercise is a great way to keep your endorphins working to give you happy thoughts. Also, light therapy boxes, which mimic natural light, are commercially available for home use.

How could you help someone else you think may be experiencing SAD? Invite him or her to social events, or suggest a group outdoor activity to soak up some natural rays. ️ Even if it’s cloudy, being outdoors can have a beneficial impact on mood. And remember, if the “winter blues” persist, it’s time to seek help from a trained mental health professional.  

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