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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 20/20 sight mean?

What does it mean to be able to see 20/20? Well, it means that when you are standing at 20 feet away, you are able to clearly see what should be seen at 20 feet. Some people have even better vision and are able to see 20/15 or 20/10!


What is astigmatism?

Have you been told you have astigmatism and are unsure what that actually means? When you have astigmatism, the front surface of your eye is not perfectly round, like a basketball or baseball. Instead, it has a steeper curve in one direction, like a football.  In some cases this can cause issues with night vision and/or distorted vision.


What does color blind mean?

You probably know someone who is “color blind,” or you’ve at least heard the term. In almost all cases, color blindness doesn’t mean a person can’t see colors at all. It means they can’t easily differentiate between two colors, usually red and green. This trait is often inherited and is most common in men.


What defines a person as “legally blind”?

What does “legally blind” actually mean? Someone is considered legally blind if glasses or contacts cannot help him/her see better than 20/200 or if he/she has lost a significant amount of peripheral vision and has only a small amount of central vision remaining.

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