Insurance FAQs

If you don't see an answer to your question(s) please contact us so that we may help.

What payment options do you offer?

We take many different payment options such as:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Major Credit Cards
  • Care Credit
  • HSA/FSA Cards

What plans are in network?

Medical Insurance:

  • Blue Cross
  • Medicare
  • Aetna (Some Medical/Some Vision - please check with your plan)
  • Cigna(Some Medical/Some Vision - please check with your plan)
  • Tricare (considered Non network provider- may pay some claims with a referral - check with your plan)
  • United Health Care(In Network with PPO Medical plans - Out of Network with HMO plans - please check with your plan)
  • AllKids (Medical Portion Only - Out of Network with Vision Plan)

Vision Plans:

  • VSP
  • Southland (In network with PEEHIP & SEIB plans - check with your insurance plan for clarification)
  • MetLife Vision
  • Blue View Vision (although this is presented as a Blue Cross plan it is likely Eyemed or Davis Vision which we are considered non network providers) 

What plans are out of network?

  • Eyemed
  • Spectera
  • Davis Vision

What if I am out of network?

If you have an Out-of-Network plan, we will give you receipts and any other information you may need to file for reimbursement from your plan.


We offer a 20% discount on a complete pair of eyewear for those vision plans that we are non network providers. Many plans have out of network benefits; those benefits may be obtained by simply completing an out of network claim. Please contact your plan for reimbursement information and bring the out of network form when you visit our office.


Why do you need my medical insurance information?

The majority of eye conditions we treat are actually medical in nature rather than purely visual, although they can have a visual effect as well. If you have a medical eye condition that needs to be monitored, we may need to see you more often than annually and may need to perform more specialized testing. These problem-focused visits and tests will be filed with your major medical insurance rather than your vision plan.

You filed my insurance, but why did it go to my deductible?

Each insurance plan dictates what is covered completely, what is covered after a deductible is met, and what is not covered. If you have a deductible that has not yet been met for the year, your visit and/or testing may have been applied to it. This does not mean that your insurance did not cover your service but that you are responsible for paying this until you reach your deductible amount.