Our Equipment

We invest in the best equipment to ensure the best care for our guests.


Clarus is a Zeiss camera which can provide a widefield, high definition picture of the back of your eye without dilation. This means that you can jump back in your day after a comprehensive eye examination without needing a driver, having to experience blurry vision for several hours, or wearing those “fashionable” paper sunglasses (You know the ones!). There may be times where dilation is still required. We will talk that through with you on a case by case basis. There are also times that we will use an advanced mode of Clarus imaging to document an eye health issue.

Zeiss iProfiler

Zeiss iProfiler is an advanced technology device that captures a topographical map of your cornea and a detailed estimate of your refractive error (are you farsighted, nearsighted or do you have astigmatism?) In a matter of seconds, we are able to view the unique contours of the front of your eye and determine a starting point before refining your customized eyeglass prescription. The iProfiler instrument also enables us to provide you a prescription that is optimized to one hundredth of a diopter rather than the standard quarter of a diopter. This highly individualized prescription is called iScription and is only available at our Huntsville location.

Zeiss OCT

Zeiss OCT is like an ultrasound that uses light waves instead of sound waves to image the back of the eye. OCT can be used to help diagnose glaucoma and macular degeneration. The use of an OCT equips us to determine if you ever need to be referred to a specialist for more specialized treatment.