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Sunglasses Simplified

It's bright outside! Do you have adequate UV eye protection? Sunglasses with 100% UV protection are important to protect your eyes from the sun during outdoor leisure and sports activities!   Although UV protection may be the first function that comes to mind with suns, there are several other lens features to consider.

Tinted Lens vs Polarized Lens 

When you purchase sunglasses, you have two options: tinted lenses or polarized lenses.  Polarized lenses block glare from horizontal surfaces, such as water, snow, or the hood of a car, and they are typically available in darker colors. Tinted lenses are just what they sound like; a tint is applied to the lens to darken it.  They're available in many different shades and levels of darkness as well as gradient or two-toned styles.   

The best tint for you depends on your visual needs.  Gray and brown tints are the most common.  Gray lenses are extremely popular because they are a great all-purpose lenses.  They retain true color perception and work great on both bright and cloudy days.  Brown or amber lenses are better suited for bright days.  They increase contrast for better depth perception and are great for sports with variable lighting, like cycling, and percisions sports, like golfing and fishing.  

Some other tints available meet a more specific need.  For example, yellow lenses filter blue light which increases contrast.  They are great for lower light sports, like hunting or shooting, tennis or snow sports, and can also be used as a computer lens or for night driving.  Green lenses provide great contrast, similar to amber lenses, but give better color perceptions and perform in both bright and low-light situations.  They are great for water and snow sports, golf, and field sports like baseball.  Rose or red lenses heighten contrast by blocking blue light which is great for snow sports, driving and gaming!  Finally, blue lenses enhance contour and color perceptions and perform well for outdoor activities such as golf and water sports. 

 Both tinted and polarized options have benefits and limitations, so be sure to discuss your visual needs with an optician to determine your best selection.  

Mirror Coatings

Not just a fashion statement, mirror coatings reduce the amount of reflection you see and are great option for extreme light conditions, such as snow or the beach!  These coatings are available in a variety of colors from red to green or even gold.  

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